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You need to setup your homepage first!

1. Go to Admin -> Plugins then activate all plugins.

2. Go to Admin -> Pages and create a page:

- Content:
[posts-slider title="" filter_by="featured" limit="4" include="" style="1"][/posts-slider]
[posts-grid title="Trending Topics" subtitle="" categories="" categories_exclude="" style="3" limit="6"][/posts-grid]
[posts-slider title="Editor's picked" filter_by="ids" limit="4" include="1,2,3,4" style="2"][/posts-slider]
[posts-grid title="Recent Articles" subtitle="Don't miss new trend" categories="" categories_exclude="" style="2" limit="6"][/posts-grid]
[theme-galleries title="@ OUR GALLERIES" limit="8"][/theme-galleries]

- Template: Homepage.

3. Then go to Admin -> Appearance -> Theme options -> Page to set your homepage.

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